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When People Lie on You

There will always be those lost souls that try to manipulate truth for their own ill gain, tell lies on you, treat you bad, and even convince complete strangers or people that don't know you personally to treat you bad and judge you based on lies.

These people come disguised as amazing people. Deep in their hearts they are. They just have issues within themselves and have alot spiritual growth that they need to do. They come across our path to teach us lessons of what not to be or how not to treat people. To always be real with people and stand firm on our boundaries. To love ourselves enough not to be treated like sh@t. Most importantly not to take things personally

Just remember anyone that acts in this manner are not acting in love and light. Love & Light doesn't purposely hurt people, or Talk untruths about people. Stand up for yourself no matter what always in a kind and compassionate way. Never respond in negativity. Do not defend yourself. That is wasted energy. Your friends and the people that really know you don't need, and the haters never believe it anyway. Let the situation & them go and let things unfold naturally. Remember you are moving out of the Karma system. We talk about this all the time. It's an old system and we don't need it. They are choosing to stay in the Karmic loop not you. Don't let their actions change yours and throw you out of alignment.

Below is something I have written down to use in times like these with over 33,000 followers across multiple platforms I run across these types of Souls all the tine. This helps me when I have not followed my intuition and not listened to my decrement and allowed people in my space that I shouldn't have. Thought I would share it with you, and maybe can help you in those difficult times that they type of people create. Write it down, visualize the person and read it to them. I know this is a hurtful experience. I am sorry that you have to feel this type of betrayal. But Don't focus on that, instead understand that these type of Souls still have so much growth to do to awaken.

Dear Confused Unawaken Soul.

You can betray me

You can lie to me

You can lie on me

You can block me

You can remove me

You can turn people that are not meant for me against me

You actually can do whatever you want.

Just remember there is always a price for ugliness within your soul. In the end we always are paid by our works.

I am no longer in the Karmic loop that you are in. I refuse to go backwards in my spiritual growth to match your energy.

At the end of the day I will ALWAYS end up where I am meant to be, and surrounded by the people that are meant to be around me. You will never be in control of anything that has to do with me. Spirt is in control like will never be you.....

I send you love and healing energy so that you can be the best person you came here to be. I pray that you do the inner work you need to do to become awaken, so you can start, loving humanity the way a truly awaken soul should. Although I will never intertwine with you again, I do love you unconditionally and I am rooting for you from afar.

Be Blessed

The Unique Tonya Le

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