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What Is Shadow Work?

This is a process of looking deep within & coming to terms with all aspects of ourselves, the light & the dark. Learning to love all of these aspects, & their particular importance of the roles that they play in our lives, then & now. Coming to the realization that we are the creator of our universe, & through unconditional love of self we are able to transform these aspects to work for us instead of against us.

We are all born with the natural abilities to be divinely connected to source. Our Higherself, Inner Child & the Divine God source are all woven into one. Then life happens, & breaks down this connection into three separate connections.  This can happen through trauma, natural life events, programing &/or all three. Then we spend most of our lives looking for this connection in everything around us, such as abusive relationships, drugs/alcohol, sex, food, lack of emotional control and many other destructive behaviors . Never quite filling that void, & creating more and more situations for ourselves & even hurting the ones we love. Our intentions wasn't to create more issues or hurt anyone, our only intention was to belong, to feel deeply loved, & accepted.

This is a One Of A Kind Program & for SERIOUS INQURES ONLY! It is Unlike any other program out there! Tonya uses her abilities to connect to your Spirit Guides & Angels to help you in this process, & how they want  to work with you on your unique situation. You will meet with her twice a week for one hour at a time. There are daily exercises & plenty of  journaling & of course homework. Not only do you come to terms with your shadows, you are able to integrate all three aspects of yourself back together The Higherself, Inner Child & God Source. Due to the intensity of this program Tonya only works with 7 people at a time, so that she can devote herself to them. There is no set time limit on the program, but the min amount of time is 7wks. There is an ongoing waiting list for this program, but openings become available as participants finish. 

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