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"I am the ripple effect"-Tonya Le 


Cherie Cogsdill James

Thank you so much for my free mini reading. I have had many readings throughout my life but older brother never comes through. It was definitely real because you mentioned things you couldn’t have known. I really felt a connection to you. Thank you again.

Cristina  Lopez, USA

Tonya Le is truly a beautiful soul!! I met her on one of her lives and at the time I was in a unhealthy emotional state of grief from losing my hubby few months previously...she has guided and helped me tremendously pull myself back to life ❤️ also she is truly gifted and on point with her readings and contact with our loved ones!!! Such a beautiful calming experience. Ty so much for everything 😘❤️🙏🏽

Alexei Marie, Phillippines

Ms. Tonya provided a relaxing ambiance during the live reading.

She was connecting to each person she reads to.

She chooses a deck which best fits the person being read.

She engages with her viewers and shows appreciation for everyone coming and joining in.

She had a sage and prayer before beginning the readings and it sets the mood for calmness and relaxes everyone and prepares us the viewers for the readings.

Ms. Tonya was not in a hurry in her readings and takes her time that is why you actually feel connected and special.

She pulled a card for me which was “Angel Whisperer”.

She advised me to bring back the inner child of me so I could communicate better with my angels and fairies. To remember to love myself and other people unconditionally without the judgement I have as an adult. I could resonate to this because my angels started communicated to me through numbers.

She only had 1 card pulled out for 1 person but it was worth it and the substance is more than enough in comparison to most readers.

She does not demand for either  a donation or feedback. It shows a lot about herself. So i took the initiative informing the viewers to remember to leave a feedback so Ms. Tonya could work on her readings better.

Thank you Ms. Tonya for your time, energy and sharing your wisdom through your priceless gift.

Im Alexei from the Philippines 🇵🇭 and i send light 💡 and love ❤️ to you Ms. Tonya.

God Bless you 😇

Jacindia Williams, USA

Just had a reading with Tonya Le and she has such a good spirit and was very accurate and on point. Would definitely recommend her to others and will definitely be getting another reading soon.

Catarina Pereira, 

Dear Tonya you are amazing!!! Love to hear your wise and uplifting  words and you have such a beautiful energy. Thank you so much for your time and guidance ❤ Your lives are always amazing!! Many thanks ❤ Blessings ❤ ❤


Faith Garvin Totten,USA

On Sunday October 28,2018 Tonya was doing a  live feed I was sitting and listening to her talk to everyone and she said a man was coming threw and as I sat and listened to her describe him I said sounds like my brother who had passed a year earlier,  I just kept listening to her and  then she said he kept saying the name Rebecca which was his daughter's name I then said that's my brothers daughter's name and you are describing him. She then started telling me stuff that only he would know stuff from my childhood and stuff that happened in our life as adults and while he was passing, it brought tears to my eyes I could feel him around me but couldn't reach him Tonya has brought so much joy to me by telling me he was here wanting to  talk to me, Tonya is a amazing person who helps everyone contact with their loves one. I love her honesty and her straight forwardness she has compassion for everyone  no matter if you say negative comments.
She helps everyone  weather you can pay or not. Thank you Tonya for bringing me some kinda closer to my broken heart, we all will always miss our love ones but Tonya helps us heal and except it and threw her we can talk and know the they are in a better place. Thank You So Much Love and Light and may God Bless you.

Amanda Moore, USA

Tonya Le 's live are engaging and insightful. She draws you in and gets to core of the issue, like the underlying ones that are blocking you. Thank you for your insight and sharing your gift. I look forward to continuing to learn more and am grateful to be on this journey with you 🙂

Jeremy Lee Hooper, Psychic Medium USA

Tonya is a gifted psychic counselor and spiritual medium.  She thinks of her gift as not her own, but something to be shared.  Her amazing counsel, psychic detail and passion for what she does shows through her work.  I highly recommend her and can assure you that she is the real deal!  Thank you Tonya for your guidance and tender care in our session!  I will definitely be back! 

Drew Moore, USA

Had a wonderful card reading from Tanya!  I have known her from a little while before she started developing her abilities. It seems all her practice has payed off very well. Every card she pulled was perfectly accurate. I'm already a fan but this makes her so much more special to me. She has been through a lot which gives her perspective.  I think that is key in finding a way to relate with the persons who you are trying to connect with. Weather they are in this world or the next!
In other words she gave me an absolute 5 out of 5 star reading and she is a great person!

Stephen  Schultz, USA

I had my very first reading from Tonya Carter de Flores and she not only was really tuned in but her reading was so spot on that it gave me chills. Thank you for confirming that I'm on the right path and that I need to start putting myself first in a way that is going to get me to the place I need to be. SHREEM 528

Kristina Alvarez, USA

Thank you Tonya for reassuring me to listen to my angel's and my intuitive side. Thank you for the card message as well. Blessings 🙏❤

Rose White, New South Whales

Tonya Le is an amazing reader she is so lovely and wise and  always giving up her time for free readings, she always has time to get back to you



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