My Story


Who is Tonya Le? What is she about? Why does she do this work? 

Why in the world am I a Psychic?

It is a long story to long to post in here. What I will say is that I come from a very screwed up background. So bad that in fact by the time I was 10yrs old, I left home and lived on the streets until almost 11yrs old. I grew up in a time frame that there was not help for abused children like me. We were called "throw away kids" (a real term you can look it up). So between shelters , children & foster homes, I never found a place where I could belong or call home. So at 13yrs old I became my own parent and started working 2 jobs, got my first car, and first little bitty home in the hood. It was mine and clean. I was a happy as I could be in the given situation.

During all that time I always knew I had someone guiding me. I did not know much about God, because it was not talked about, and when I tried to ask questions & learn, beatings always followed. I knew something or someone was there helping me guiding through the crazy & dangerous situations I was always in. I did have imagery friends. (Now know were spirits) As I got older I realize God was always with me. He had loving spirits, and his angels around me the whole time. There is so much more I could write, but that is for another time and place. More info in my book that will be released soon.

So let's fast forward to now. After the loss of my Mother and her battle with cancer. I became deathly ill, and spent two years fighting for my life with 3 major surgeries. Those in and out experiences I kept to myself. I was not sure if was real or the drugs, so I said nothing to anyone. I finally conquered that, and got on my feet again. Then my husband fell ill and in four months after his diagnoses, I was forced to put him in hospice where he died at the age of 33. I was blessed and cursed to hold his hand and look him in the eyes as he took his last breath. Then 5 months later my brother was found dead in his apartment. They said he had been dead a week before being found, and two week by the time I identified him for myself. I was drowning in grief, to the point I was entertaining suicide thoughts.

Then things started happening around me, I was finding things all around me, feathers in odd places, voices, and smelling things. Even my son came to me and said "Mom I can hear & see Dad". I was like "What the "What the hell do I do & What does all this mean?" Then a thought came to me "Check online for Psychics" So, I reached out to see what I could find out about this “other side” and way of thinking & life. There had to be something else, there was and I found it!

Through the love and kindness of other readers, tons of research, taking classes & two with mentors. I was able to dig deeper in my soul than I ever have in my life! My gifts just started pouring out like the waterfall of grace from God! Oh how I am blessed! My life has new purpose and meaning, I now know what I am here for! I am blessed that I have the ability to stay connected to my love ones. Knowing for a fact that it is never OVER! It helped save my life! To be able to give that gift to others is awesome! Not only because I can do it, but I know what it is like being on the receiving end of those messages. There is nothing more peaceful on earth, than those messages from spirit. I have met many fake people along the way, people scamming and preying on people like me with grief. In all that I came across, I could only find two that could really connect with my husband. More than a word or two, and that could actually communicate with him. Who can afford to rely on them? I knew I had to learn to do it for myself. This was my mission to do! Connect to my other half for myself. You can learn to do it also, for we all have the gift if we just tap into what God has given us.

I also know how important it is to be in love with yourself! You can’t love me if you do not love you! This was a hard lesson for me, since I really didn’t know how important this was. Since my journey I learned so many lessons! Now I am able to pass that along to other with my one of kind counseling and mentor programs!

Never in a Million years did I think I would be doing what I do now. I am grateful that I am! I would love to be a part of your journey, whether it is straight channeling, reading cards, asking pendulum, connecting to spirit, or helping find self discovery. Life purpose is all we have. To know our meaning in life we need to access our gifts, then our purpose is to give it away! Whatever it is that you are searching let me help you find it!

Certified Psychic : International Board Of Certified Psychics

Intuitive Empath & Straight Channel

Certified: Psychic Intuitive Counselor

Physical Medium

Use of all Clair's (except touch but is starting to open)

Automatic Writing & Remote Viewing

Tarot/Angel Card Reader

Pendulum Questions and bring spirit in on Pendulum

Lucid Dreamer

Currently working on Certifications in Master of Intuitive Counseling & Reiki 1 & 2 to become a Master. Explore the many more gifts and abilities that I have been blessed with.

My objective.......... is to grow to my highest spiritual potential!

My Mission............ is To be the ripple effect! 


1. To help as many people as I can, so they can be the best version person that they can be. I do this through my Counseling Services, Intent is Everything Program, Life Coaching & Personal Mentorship! Building Learning Groups, and Spiritual Community!

2. To assist children and adults alike learn how to access and explore their God given gifts.

3. To give a VOICE to those that do not have one, such as the children, human trafficking, and homeless population

4. To assist people that deal with grief , depression, lack of self esteem. Help them find meaning and purpose, to heal. Give them the tools they need to deal with whatever they need to Conquer their struggles of life.

5. To help Lightworkers Learn & Develop their skills, so they too can become the ripple effect!


It would be my honor to connect with you and assist you in whatever way I can! Looking forward to hearing for you soon!

Be Blessed

Tonya Le

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