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What is Transformation?

🌻🦋🌻What really is Transformation?🌻🦋🌻

When we heal we transform. It is thrown around so much in our community, but What does it even mean? It is important to know so we can recognize it as it happens.

Let's start by the word itself TRANSFORM

Transform - it's a verb - meaning action metamorphosis, transmute, convert, transmogrify, transfigure means to change a thing into a different thing. Transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function

It is a two part word

Trans - to go above and beyond

Form - is the physical world & all the boundaries. What we experience in life, body etc....

So what are we really saying when we say Transform? When we use this word we are saying that something in the psychical is changing. This happens in many different ways. Like our body is changing, or what we eat is changing. Where we go and who we hang around is changing. What we listen to on TV or Music. Maybe it is doing our Spiritual Hygiene insteadof expecting change without doing anything. BUT the most important change is within ourselves.

This is within & psychical, the way we respond to triggers, situations or people.

This is important for you to recognize when it is happening. When you are being triggered and you step back or start to feel different. This is progress is very important for us to notice . Why? Because it is your confirmation that you are growing You are Transforming! All growth has pain. You cannot escape it no matter how hard you try.

Celebrate this! We must always celebrate the small things. Remember that it is in the little things that creates the big things.

Healing is one of the hardest things you can do. It involves forgiveness to the actions of others and that of ourselves. Now just to be clear up to a certain age say 10 or 11 we normally are not responsible of the trauma inflicted upon us. (As with everything There are EXCEPTIONS to everything)

This is important because we cannot just say I forgive someone or ourselves. There must be action involved as well. Otherwise we are just fooling ourselves and the pain/trauma will keep affecting our lifes. It will come up time and time again.

Actions can come in many forms. Way too many to list here. In my Healing Sessions with people it comes different for them, based on the situation and their spiritual team and what they want them to to do.

Action is what creates the transformation. Yes Affirmations are very helpful if done correctly. Even that is just spoken and doesn't create complete Transformation. It is in those moments of being triggered either by someone, something or even ourselves that we see change in action.

All little things become big things after a period of time. Don't just set expectations, remember to Celebrate the little things. Complement yourself as you go and grow. Don't expect outside sources to give you the support you need. Some of us are lucky and unfortunately some of us are not to have support. This is why we have to be our biggest fan. Everything & Everyone else is just a bonus.

Any growth is growth! Don't compare yours to anyone else. You are not them and your life is not the same. Remember in science when we learned for two outcomes to have the same result they must have the same ingredients? You do not have the same ingredients as someone else. So when you compare yourself you are creating a false narrative and expectation. Stay real and Truthful to yourself. Yes we are one as a whole, but we all come with different ingredients.

I know things get really hard. There will be days that you don't hit the mark, or maybe just a little bit will work out. That is ok remember that in itself is growth too! It is wonderful to learn all the spiritual stuff out there, but don't get lost in it. Don't forget to live life! You are a soul having a human experience therefore in this body, in this life you are human nothing more and nothing less. You came here to LEARN, LOVE AND GROW! Every single day you just do your best, that is all you can do. And each day doing your best will look different and that is OK.

As always I am here if you need me. I love you all and wish you NOTHING but love and peace

Be Blessed Beautiful Souls

The Unique Tonya Le

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