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Walk It Before You Talk It

🌻❤🌻Walk It, Before You Talk It 🌻❤🌻

Spirit Message:

Dear one We know you are looking for answers, We see and hear you everyday. Our biggest desire is to help you, that is why We walk with you. Yet you turn to people that mislead you, and that are keeping you further from Us.

Please stop being fooled by people that have not healed. They cannot help you, for they can only confuse you more. This causes you more and more unnecessary lessons that you were not meant to learn.

It is time for you to take responsibility for what you are consuming in this knowledge. You know deep down what is right and what is wrong. False teachings are all around you. A teacher is someone that has mastered the subject. There are many subjects in Spirituality to learn, and many Teachers. Yet you are choosing Teachers that lie to you, they just keep you distracted. This is how you humans stay asleep, distraction. These Teachers know nothing about what they speak. It is the same strategy your leaders use, if they make it sound good the people will believe it. They are no different than these false leaders.

This is keeping you further away from your blessings, and your connection to Us.

You have been given the gift of intuition and discernment. Please use it! If you are unsure then ask us, we will help you. You must ask us first.

Listen to the many Teachers that know the subject in which they speak. A Teacher can be healing and teach as long as they are not teaching about the subject they are healing from. This is because the information will become distorted for you. When you are healing there are many lessons to be learned, they must be learned before they are taught. When this is not done, then false teaching occur.

There are so many beautiful souls out there trying to help people, they have done the work, and know how to help you. A Teacher can always learn from a Student. This is true, it helps the balance in teaching. Learning from students expand knowledge. Not to use students to gain knowledge. This is a big difference in knowledge.

NO TEACHER should be using you to heal. A teacher does not abuse their students, nor do they abuse anyone. A healed person will not harm anyone on purpose. This includes physically, mentally or verbally. This is the moral code of conduct for all workers of light. When you see this you must turn away, so that they can go heal themselves. Using people is wrong and there will be consequences when they come here. Just as there will be consequences for you not learning and doing what you came here to do.

We have asked to reach out so that you might reconsider who and what you are listening too. We love you and so desire to connect with you. Our job is to help you along your journey. We long for that connection with you. We love you so much, and we will await to hear from you.

Your Guides


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