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Stand up and Be Counted!

Stand up and be counted!!!

I really do love everyone! I have Nothing but love for all!.........Even those people that sh@t on me! That hurt me. That broke my heart. That were fake to me, and never really cared about me. Those that abused, raped, and tortured me. Broke many of the bones in my body, and those that put me in the hospital for many months. Those that hit and beat on me when they should have loved on me and raise me. Those that tore me down, to the point that I thought I was worthless. Those that allowed me to go hungry on the streets at 10 years old.....I love each and every one of you. For each of those experiences have helped make me into who I am today. I love is who I am regardless of what you did to me.

I do not like you, and I do not want to be around you, and I won't. But I can love you! I sure in the hell will not allow any of the past, steal what lifespan I have left! It has taken me many years to get here.. This is how much I have moved past all the bullsh@t to get to where I am today!

My life is far from perfect, and I sure am not perfect, but my heart & soul dang sure is! Why because love is perfect. God is love, so therefore so am I love. Gods loving energy flows through me, so I AM LOVE! And SO ARE YOU!

Don't believe in God? Fine ...but we all believe in something. Not believing is believing. Don't like the name God? You can put whatever noun in there you want, the Divine, Budda, Mohammed, Higher Power, it doesn't matter it is all the same. God doesn't care what you call him, he just cares that you call him. This in itself is far beyond most people's compression. This is why we are broken into groups, and everyone believes that only their truth is the only truth. Sad really....because truth is just truth, and that truth is based on perception, and your perception isn't any better than his or hers. There is one difference and that is when a truth is being justified to cause harm to humanity. This in itself is against Universal Law. We are not to manipulate anyone's freewill.. God and the Angels don't even do that......

What we are seeing all around us is NOT truth it is lies and deception on many many levels. From the bottom to the top and vice versa.

As we are surrounded by all this craziness in the world the time has come to Stand Up and be Counted!

NOW more than ever we should get right in our heart and soul and take our accountability for this creation we have created as a collective!

I don't care what religion you are or what you believe, this is for us all. We all must change the vibration of this planet! This should be our top priority! Coming together as one, and standing up against what is against humanity. We are humanity every one of us. NO ONE ABOVE AND NO ONE BELOW! What happens to you, happens to me and vice versa. So far I have not found a church, or a community that realizes this. It is always us & them. This is precisely the problem in the world. Don't you get it? Do you not see the division that we are being made to believe? Surely you see it now, with everything that has gone on this year. Or have you decided not to see?

The reflection of them is a reflection of you. The inner of you. There isn't one thing that you see another person do that you are not capable of doing yourself. The only difference is that you control yourself, and do not flip that switch. We all have that switch! The same is true for the good, and any great things you see another person do! You are capable of doing it as well.

What does all this mean?

It is easy my is time to stop fighting, blaming, comparing, bullying, abusing, lying, stealing, and shrinking in fear! Forgive and let go of any sh@t that hurt you. Release anything stuck inside you deep in your soul. Face it, deal with it, then let it GO! Because you cannot get anywhere with it, but creating a miserable life!Which in turn helps the very negative vibration in the world. Which means that you are helping the world be a negative place. By hiding the damage that is in you, you are hurting the world and everyone in it. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! Hell the past isn't even real anymore, it is just a memory. Learn from it, but don't live in it. Why live in something that is no longer exists? Think about that for a minute. It DOES NOT exist anymore! Even the future is not real, it is just a thought that hasn't happened yet. And it isn't a guarantee that it will happen! The only thing that real is RIGHT NOW! LIVE IN THE NOW!

It is time to stand up for humanity and everything that is good about it. Period! Time to protect the children in this world, and stop letting them be hurt!! Take some accountability of the world that we are raising them in. And what we are leaving them stuck with, long after we are gone. Stand up for the what is right! Stand in courage even if your sacred shittless. Stand up and stop being spoon feed information and do research for yourself. Figure out what you can do to make the world a better place.. because we can all do something. How we act and treat each other every day is a powerful thing. We are energy and we send a vibration into the wold. We are ALL a ripple effect! NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE your importance, significance, in this world. Reclaim your POWER! We have to raise ourselves out of this fear mentality that is being fed to us. Yes there are some bad issues. You cannot fix a problem in a desperate state. You end up creating more issues when you do this everytime!

We live on a beautiful amazing and captivating planet. We are

All these remarkable human beings! We are capable of anything! Good or Bad! Look how far we have come as the Human Race!....let's choose good, and stand up and fix what is broken, by fixing what is broken inside of ourselves. When we do this,then we can help make the world a better place. We can do this if we choose love.....I Choose love......will you?


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I choose love


Vernice Curtis
Vernice Curtis
Dec 12, 2020

I chose love

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