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My Hope for My Daughter 

Yesterday was my baby girls birthday. She has been growing up into this beautiful young lady. She turned

26 so she really is becoming a young woman. I believe the biggest accomplishments, or failures is in our ability to parent our children. To add to this beautiful world, or help destroy it. I raised her as a single parent, and anyone that has done that job you know how difficult that is. How much you doubt yourself and what your doing. Are you teaching them the morals and values they need to have not only to survive, but to make an impact on the world around them? And most importantly are you teaching them to love God, themselves, and others? Are you instilling self respect, so that they can know their worth, and not allow a man to take that from them? That they don't settle for less than what God has planned for them? The toughest part of being a parent is knowing when you have to take your hands off and keep your mouth closed, and allow them to create their own world. I know I didn't always say or do the right thing, and I made mistakes as a role model. We have to accept that we are not perfect and we fail. That is part of being human, and Thank You Jesus that we are forgiven during those times. What I do know is I did something right. When I look at her I am filled with such joy. She is a strong, independent, self sufficient, hard working, kind, giving, funny, and extremely beautiful both inside and out. I am so elated and proud of her. Keep doing what you are doing, don't lose sight for your dreams and goals. Keep God close and only the people that add to your life in it. Always lend a hand, and make time to love others and yourself. Remember the "Golden Rule" and fight to live by it, even when it is the toughest. I am so grateful to have been given the privilege of being your mother. Happy birthday my Tabby Cat " I love you as high as the sky and all there is" Mom

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