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July 4th 2019 back to life, back to reality

July 4th 2019 Rockin on the River

Today is the day I met Diego Flores. It was at the at the lake! Pretty cool story! But unfortunately he is only here in spirit, but it is ok! It’s been 3 years since I came out and celebrated anything! Must less this one! But spirit and even his spirit guided me to stop 🛑 it and get out and 😉 enjoy life.

This is like one of those times I tell you guys to fake it till you make it! Do it afraid! I am scared not sure why. But I am going to do it afraid! Faking it to make it I have already done. Because I am enjoying myself! See guys I am just sharing this to let you know when I told you “ I know how you feel” I am speaking of truth! So see it never really goes away! We just have to push through it! So I maybe further along....doesn’t mean I don’t mean I don’t get knocked back! We all do! So together we will enjoy this holiday and be in the present! The most important thing we have is free will and today we gained freedom to have and express that! That is what I changed my thoughts too! So see as I tell you “Change your mind and you change your life “

Happy 4Th of July May you have a wonderful, blessed and safe holiday!’ Tonya Le

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