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It is ok to make great memories without our lost love ones!

Spending some family time with a couple of my Kiddos! Living in the moment..... once upon a time I thought I would never ever do this again. Grief is a horrible thing to live with, but I promise you can Iive with it and live again. I promise you if I can, so can you! I haven't had the best in life, but I haven't had the worst either. There was always something to be grateful for, and that thought in itself has saved my life. To be honest that doesn't even matte anymore does it?. The past is the past. Now it is just a memory, that I choose to treasure, and not allow it to be my reality. I know truth, and that is that spirit is real, and all that I know now is real! Therefore, I know my loved one is not completely gone! That knowledge in itself saved my life. To really know without a shadow of doubt that we never die, well that changes everything! This means literally anything is possible!! That my loved one is with me and will always be with me regardless of where my life goes! So for me I can make new memories with my loved one while creating a reality with the ones I'm here with! This can help take the burden off of creating new memories without them. Because the truth is you're always creating it with them! So yes my love you can find happiness again....... and it's okay.....that is really all any spirit wants for us, is to see us happy. Why do you think there are so many angels? It starts with love and ends with love.......... Everything in between is just life...

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Karol Defiore
Karol Defiore

Yes You can it takes time!! I know it did for me!! But Yes you do get to move forward, and get to Move On!!

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