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Guess It Is Time

Yes it is! Need to step out and communicate in this way as well as the so may other forms I already use. Communicate on what? EVERYTHING & ANYTHING! so here it goes........
Why am I even here? How did I get here? What am I doing? What do I do? These questions are already answered in my About Me on my website. So lets move on.....
I would like to start with a post I wrote and posted about fake, mean, rude & cruel people. Also those people are half-ass nice and who have just not "Got it" that it is really about how we treat others! That whatever in this world you really want you have to be! You want love you have to be love, you want happiness then be happy a spread it! It is really that simple!
Facebook Post 6/17/19
Just saying, recently I lost a few fake ones, but so grateful and thankful to the universe/angels guides and most of all God for bringing it to the light! Sure it hurts but not near as much as keeping fake friends and fake people in general around for years and years.
You see sometimes we get hurt so that we don't get broken.
Hurts - Hurt is like a scratch. Sure it hurts and bleeds, but it heals quickly. It will leave a scar, but that scar fades with time.
Broken - This a deep deep cut, stab, shot or hit, sometimes even a bite. It is painful and may require special attention. Stitches, Staples and a ton of pain. It will leave scar that lasts a lifetime. That scar will even hurt to touch. But with time it will get easier and less painful to touch.
The longer your relationship lasts with those people last determines what kind of wound you will have. This is why it is a blessing to be hurt so quickly by them, so that all they left on you was a scratch, that will fade away rather quickly. So my loves embrace the pain! Endure it, then release it. You have that right to hurt over it, so don't shove it down. Why? So they don't win and you take the scratch, because honey they an't shit! You are, and they lost a star in their life, and you gained a new one, that will add to your life, not take from it!
Be Blessed
Tonya Le
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