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Love being alone with the right person

Makes perfect sense to me....once you build a relationship with yourself, your higher self and God ,(whatever you call it) you will not let go of it. Someone is just to come in and be a part of the journey, and allow you to have that, very thing you worked so hard to get. This will be easy for them because they too have done this work. So you honor them in theirs aloneness as well. Not many understand this... Because they are filled with programming, religion, ego and judgement. Taught that you will never be good enough. The biggest lie and misleading teaching there ever was. For God is love and nothing else, and he is not out to get you....and you are good enough, for you have divine energy flowing through you......

So don't be sad when you realize that some people in your life are not for you. It is ok my love they are not meant to walk your path with you, they are just part of the scenery. Learn the difference by using your intuition, decrement and divine connection. Love all of them along the way...and hold no grudges. Enjoy where you are at so you can get further.....go with the flow of the river and only allow someone on your raft that is in the same place as you... It is then you will understand what a partnership is all about......

Be Blessed 🌻🙏🏼❤️


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