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Perception is Everything

People do not see what you see....only if you explain it & they have the ability to empathize. If they do not you are wasting your energy. Instead with these types of people you would need to demonstrate to them. Meaning your actions is what creates them the ability to see. This is why it is important to practice what we preach per say.

If someone is saying one thing yet doing another you have to realize that they are not authentic, regardless of how you feel about them. Feelings are just that Feelings nothing more. They are not the person. You must learn to decern between this, so that you stop allowing yourself to be influenced by people, that are more lost than you.

If you were lost would you go to someone that knows nothing about how to get to where you are wanting to go? When you know you should go east & not west? Just because you like them? You would waste you time, energy & gas just to go the direction they are telling you, and you know that they are giving you misinformation?

Baby we only have so much time to be who we are right now, in this life as this person. Do you really think it is wise to waste it on this? People that just talk and do opposite of what they say? Come on my love you can do better than that, and you are worth more than that.

You have things to do, places to see, experiences to have, people to touch & people to love. Time to get you life straight, & love them enough to walk away, & love them from a distance so that they can get their life together. Because if all you do is be around them & ignore it, & and pretend it is all good, you are just hurting the person you say you care about. Just saying.......something to think about......

Be Blessed

The Unique Tonya Le ❤🌻❤

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