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Unique Life Coaching


 This program is for those that want to take charge of their life! Those that want to knock down the barriers that are preventing them from achieving their goals! This is not just another program just booking people, taking their money, giving them tools and then sending them on their way, just to bring in the next client. This is an in=depth approach using Spirit Connection. It is about helping you build a foundation, tools that lasts a lifetime, Building that one on One relationship with you, helping you become the best person you can be! Tonya will provide her certified Life Coaching skills to help you get wherever it is that you are wanting to go.

What we will do together?

Discover Yourself

Relationship Issues with Others

Break Though Obstacles Holding You Back

Clarify Your Goals & Organization 

Self-esteem/Confidence Building

Tools & Practices to Enhance Your Life

Create Action Plans

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