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The Fog

Written Jan 3th 2018

Everyone has resolutions and things they want to change and after the deaths I have dealt with of course I would be happy with any change. That isn't good enough!! MUST LIFT THE FOG!

Oncs the fog was lifted I was able to see. I may be a single mother, after all these years, but I am able to see over the fog. I know my man is still beside me pushing me out of the fog. Leading me in direction of love. With the Grace of God and my angels, spirit guides and my husband spirit nothing can stop what is coming.

How about you? Ready to lifted out of the fog? Some do, some don't. No judgment here, and I expect no judgment in return. We all face the consequences for our actions, either here, or on the other side. Now that I am out of the fog, I can breathe..............

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