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Summoning the Dead Resin
  • Summoning the Dead Resin

    SKU: Archangel Jeremiel Resin

    🌿 Key Features of Summoning the Dead Resinl ðŸŒ¿


    5oz bag

    Summoning the Dead Resin:

    • This resin serves as a sacred vessel, providing a means to bridge the realms and communicate with departed spirits.
    • The aromatic essence creates a contemplative atmosphere, perfect for spiritual practices and honoring the memories of loved ones.

    Spiritual Reflection and Life Review:

    • Engage in moments of spiritual reflection, inviting Archangel Jeremiel to assist in reviewing and gaining insights from your life journey.

    Support for Grief and Healing:

    • Use the resin as a tool for healing during times of grief, as Archangel Jeremiel's presence offers comfort and support in navigating emotions.

    Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies:

    • Incorporate the resin into your spiritual rituals, ceremonies, or meditation sessions to deepen your connection to the spiritual realms.



    🕊️ How to Incorporate Summoning the Dead Resin into Your Spiritual Practice 🕊️

    Prepare a Sacred Space:

    • Create a serene and sacred space for your spiritual practice, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment.

    Intent Setting:

    • Set a clear intention for your session, expressing a desire for spiritual insight, guidance, and connection to departed spirits.

    Burn the Resin:

    • Safely burn the resin on charcoal, allowing the fragrant smoke to permeate the space and serve as a conduit for spiritual connection.

    Meditation and Reflection:

    • Enter into a meditative state, inviting Archangel Jeremiel to guide your thoughts and provide insights during moments of reflection.

    Honor and Remember:

    • Use the resin to honor and remember loved ones, creating a space for their presence to be felt and acknowledged.


    🌌 Journey into Spiritual Reflection and Connection! 🌌

    Summoning the Dead Resin  offers a profound opportunity for spiritual introspection and connection with departed spirits. 


    🛍️ Order Your Summoning the Dead Resin Now and Open the Gateway to Spiritual Reflection and Guidance! 🛍️


    Disclaimer: This resin is created with care and intention but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific outcomes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • Resin

      This resin is a homemade blend and all items ethicly sourced

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