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What can I do to make the world a better place?

🌟This is one little thing that would make such a huge impact on EVERYTHING!🌟 People really underestimate how powerful of an impact this could make on the world! Quit asking what can I do to make the world a better place if you can't even do this. THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN DO! Making it better has to start with you! All this other stuff is just tools to do things with. The real change is us, and the vibration we send out! People talk about people, and about stuff they don't even know all the facts on. Come on guys we are on the internet, what do you really know about someone's day to day life! People cut people down with their words, because they are different, do this or that, say this or that. This list goes on and on... The biggest thing that is happening in this Spiritual Community is division on this very thing. People of so called Love & Light are quick to judge and cut people out of their lives if someone is different or any reason because of a difference. We are to love and accept Everyone, not just the people that do things like you, or who have money and who doesn't. This list too can go on and on..... Are there times to block someone out of your life? Of course, if they are of danger to you, or consistently cause you issues on purpose to be cruel. By all means, but we still love them. If you are really of love and light you have the compassion to explain the distance your putting and why. Because you still want what is best for this person, so you want them to grow. How can someone grow from something if they don't know why they lost you? Not to mention the growth it creates for you as you will most likely have to force yourself to do it. Love isn't conditional, but as I look around, I am seeing it more and more in this community that it is. Which is sad really. I am not sure if everyone realizes this or not, this type of behavior and mentally is the same as the church. Creating division, and my way is the best bla bla bla...... Just like the church cannot grow because of this division and judgmental behavior our community is going to go through the same thing if we don't change something. The more and more that this grows, the judgment, conditional love, labels, holier than thou mentality the worst our community will become. And why would anybody want to become a part of something that's just like another church? We are not going to make change, instead we are going to add to the destruction of the very thing we are busting our asses to change! Am I perfect at this, no! But I promise you this, I make a conscious effort every day to do it as much as I possibly can. And overtime it's become easier and easier and easier. To the point that I can give that unconditional positive regard to anyone and now it is automatic without effort. Are there times I stumble sure. No one said we will become perfect. I do NOT want to be. Stumbling is what keeps you humble!! INTENT IS EVERYTHING! Besides isn't that why we are here, to be in our imperfect self and be able to experience life and grow? Being perfect is boring apparently, or we wouldn't keep coming back again and again. I would really love to see this community grow and us be able to help as many as we can. But unfortunately until we get a handle on this, we are spinning our wheel's. Hopefully that's one thing that we can agree upon no matter who we are, or where we come from, or what kind of work we do, That it starts with love and ends with love. Meaning we do all things from love space and this makes us think before we speak! This is how we make a change! This is what you can do! Be Blessed Tonya Le

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Vernice Curtis
Vernice Curtis
Dec 13, 2020

Love this

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