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The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem! The Christmas Star! The Great Connection! Dec 21st 2020

This is the sign from God, Divine, Higher Power, or whatever you call it. It is all the same. It is not something outside of you.. it is something already within you.

This event has not been seen in 400 years! This is the sign that is everything is going to be ok! So for those of you that " have been doubting " doubt no more!

NEVER FORGET You have the power within to create the reality you desire! Go into 2021 in a different mindset and DO NOT carry 2020 into this new reality. Release the troubles and worries leave them in the past, and step into this historic night and reclaim your POWER! Live right NOW!

Next Monday is the last full moon of the year! Pay attention of any doubts or concerns you have this week so you can let that shit go on Monday. Between tonight and Monday your life can & will completely shift, like never before......the difference is are you going to control that shift, or you going to stay a prisoner of your own mind, and programs of the world? The choice is yours....I will be praying that you choose your power....

The Divine Energy is flowing through you, and anything is possible my love! Faith of a mustard seed is all it takes.......

Much love & Blessings to you all


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Connie Godfrey
Connie Godfrey
Dec 28, 2020

I love you, just for being you a beautiful woman with a heart that is not going to stop loving others, and help them understand what real love is when at first they have succeeded with loving themself..

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