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The 5 year mark

❤🌻❤These anniversary dates never get easier, they just become expected. This leads to the ability to handle them better. As you grow in your spiritual journey the tools you learn along the way, help you in these days.

Grief is a lifetime disease, but it isn't a death sentence. This kind of day will have it's sad moments, but it will also have it's happy ones filled with awesome memories. Polarity at it's best!

Why doesn't it end you may ask? Because my love, it is the price we pay for having the experience of love that we came here to have. We can either be bitter or we can be better because of it. As for me I am grateful that I had my time with my husband. That I was able to experience marriage & the depth of it. I may never experience this again, & I am ok with that. I am also ok if I do.

This is just a part of it, & I respect that. All I can do from here is keep growing in my life, & do what I came here to do. Allow myself to accept where I am & where I am going without him. For spirit is never truly gone, they still walk with us & guide us. But only if we are willing to live without them. Hard task as it is, it must be done.❤🌻❤

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