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Personalized 10-Inch Taper Candle
  • Personalized 10-Inch Taper Candle

    SKU: Dressed Taper Candle

    🕯️ Personalized 10-Inch Taper Candle: Anoint Your Path with Customized Blessings 🕯️

    Illuminate your journey with our Personalized 10-Inch Taper Candle, a beacon of light specially crafted for your unique situation. Each candle is a canvas for personalization, adorned with carefully selected herbs and crystals aligned with your chosen intention—whether it be for love, money, psychic enhancement, protection, spirit guide connection, or blessings. Let this radiant flame become a manifestation of your desires, lighting up the path to your personalized blessings.


    🌿 Key Features of the Personalized Taper Candle 🌿

    • Love Infusion:

      • For matters of the heart, the Love Infusion candle is dressed with herbs and crystals associated with love and connection.
      • Rose quartz crystals and a blend of love herbs create an atmosphere of romance and emotional harmony.
    • Money Magnet:

      • The Money Magnet candle is adorned with herbs and crystals attuned to abundance and prosperity.
      • Green aventurine crystals and a mix of prosperity herbs invite financial blessings and opportunities.
    • Psychic Illumination:

      • The Psychic Illumination candle is dressed with herbs and crystals known for enhancing psychic awareness.
      • Amethyst crystals and a blend of psychic herbs create an environment conducive to intuitive insights.
    • Protective Shield:

      • The Protective Shield candle is adorned with herbs and crystals renowned for their protective qualities.
      • Black obsidian crystals and a mix of protective herbs form a barrier against negative energies.
    • Spirit Guide Connection:

      • For those seeking guidance from the spiritual realm, the Spirit Guide Connection candle is dressed with herbs and crystals fostering a connection with spirit guides.
      • Clear quartz crystals and spirit guide herbs invite a heightened spiritual connection.
    • Blessings Abound:

      • The Blessings Abound candle is crafted with herbs and crystals to attract positive energy and blessings into your life.
      • Clear quartz crystals and a blend of blessing herbs create an uplifting and positive atmosphere.


    🕊️ How to Personalize Your Candle Experience 🕊️

    • Choose Your Intention:

      • Select the intention that resonates with your current situation: Love, Money, Psychic, Protection, Spirit Guide Connection, or Blessing.
    • Customization:

      • Personalize your candle by providing specific details about your situation, challenges, or desires during the ordering process.
    • Artisanal Dressing:

      • We will hand-dress your candle with precision, incorporating the chosen herbs and crystals to align with your intention.
    • Burning Ritual:

      • Engage in a meaningful burning ritual, lighting the candle with intention and allowing the flame to carry your desires into the universe.
    • Observing the Magic:

      • Observe the magic unfold as the personalized candle burns, infusing your space with the energy aligned with your unique situation.


    🌌 Step into the Radiance of Personalized Blessings! 🌌

    The Personalized 10-Inch Taper Candle invites you to walk a path adorned with the energies most attuned to your desires. Let this candle be a beacon, guiding you toward the manifestation of your unique blessings.


    🛍️ Order Your Personalized Taper Candle Now and Illuminate Your Personal Path of Blessings! 🛍️


    Disclaimer: This candle is created with care and intention but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific outcomes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • Candles & Crystals

      All dressings for candles are hand made with our Magick recipe of Herbs and  Crystals chips that are ethically sourced

    • Refund Policy

      No Refunds only exchanges with in store credit. All requests must be made within 5 business days after receiving product. Photos of damaged product must be provided.

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      Please allow 2 to 3 weeks or sooner for delivery. Free delivery for orders over $50.00 and is only offered  inside the United States. Outside the United States your shipping rates and delivery times will apply.

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