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Unique Shadow Program

What Is Shadow Work?

This process entails delving deep within ourselves and embracing all facets, both light and dark. It's about learning to love and appreciate each aspect, understanding their significance in our past and present experiences. Ultimately, it involves realizing our role as the creators of our own universe and harnessing the power of unconditional self-love to transform these aspects into allies rather than adversaries.
We are inherently connected to the divine source, encompassing our Higher Self, Inner Child, and the Divine God source as one. However, life events, trauma, and societal conditioning can fragment this connection into three separate entities. Consequently, we spend much of our lives seeking to fill this void through various means such as destructive behaviors, only to find ourselves still longing for belonging and acceptance.
TonyaLe's program offers a unique approach unlike any other. Utilizing her abilities to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, Tonya facilitates a process tailored to your specific situation and how these spiritual entities wish to collaborate with you. The program involves meeting with Tonya twice a week for one-hour sessions, along with daily exercises, journaling, and homework assignments. Through this intensive program, participants not only confront their shadows but also integrate all three aspects of themselves— the Higher Self, Inner Child, and God Source.
Due to the program's intensity, Tonya only works with a maximum of seven individuals at a time, ensuring dedicated attention to each participant. While there's no set duration for the program, the minimum commitment is seven weeks. Openings in the program become available as participants complete their journey, though there may be a waiting list for enrollment. Serious inquiries are welcomed for this transformative and personalized experience.

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