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Chakra Clearing & Deep Reading

Clearing all Chakras with In-depth Reading

  • 30 minutes
  • From 105.55 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Step into the realm of holistic healing and spiritual transformation with TonyaLe, a gifted intuitive healer and psychic guide who offers profound insights and energetic clearing to harmonize and balance your chakras. With her unique blend of intuitive abilities, energy healing techniques, and deep spiritual insight, TonyaLe provides a transformative experience that clears blockages, restores balance, and activates your highest potential. As an intuitive healer, TonyaLe has the ability to perceive and work with the subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit. Using her psychic gifts and intuitive insight, she identifies areas of imbalance within the chakra system and gently clears away stagnant energy, emotional blocks, and negative patterns that may be hindering your well-being. Through her intuitive healing sessions, TonyaLe offers a deep reading of your energetic body, providing profound insights into the root causes of any imbalances or challenges you may be experiencing. Whether it's physical ailments, emotional wounds, or spiritual blocks, TonyaLe's intuitive guidance illuminates the underlying issues and offers transformative insights for healing and growth. In addition to clearing and resetting your chakras, TonyaLe provides practical tools and guidance to support your ongoing spiritual journey. Whether it's mindfulness practices, energy-clearing techniques, or personalized affirmations, TonyaLe empowers you to maintain balance and alignment in your chakra system long after your session has ended. If you're seeking to align your energy centers, clear away energetic blockages, and activate your highest potential, TonyaLe invites you to experience the transformative power of her intuitive healing sessions. Step into a space of deep healing and spiritual renewal with TonyaLe as your guide, and let her intuitive insights and energetic clearing techniques awaken your soul to its true essence. All SESSIONS must be PAID for in ADVANCE to ensure your booking time is secure. Only PAID sessions send notification to Tonya that she has an appointment with you. Please visit disclaimer prior to booking so that you are informed on refund policy & reschedule procedure in advance. PayPal Cash App $uniquetonyale Venmo @uniquetonyale

Cancellation Policy

READINGS ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are NO REFUNDS once purchase is made. Due to the nature of business, and that services cannot be returned, refunds are unavailable. All cancellations must be made 48 in advance. Failure to do so could result in a forfeit of your ability to reschedule and no refund given. I do understand situations can arise and prevent a 48 hour notice to be given from happening. In this case, please reach out and explain. This will be handled case by case. Rescheduled appointments must be made within 30 days. Explanation of instructions for readings are emailed after bookings are purchased. If for some reason I need to reschedule it will be done within 30 days. Please make sure that you contact me via WhatsAppn8177034339 that is where Video, Text & Links will be sent. Please check in 10 min before scheduled time to let me know you are ready, and I can prepare for you.  CANCELLATION OF SUBSCRIPTIONS can be canceled at anytime. To prevent next month billing cycle cancelation must be given 7 days prior to subscription renewal. To prevent abuse of subscriptions you must have one month paid for before FREEBEEIES to start. All Discounts are effective immediately.  Purple Ray FREE READINGS MUST be booked two weeks in advance. Send email to theuniquetonyale@gmail with your reading pick, and Tonya will respond with several date & times to choose from. All Readings will be delivered WhatsApp 8177034339 either by pictures or personalized link NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS ​ PROGRAM CANCELATION & REFUNDS must be with requested within 10 days of start plan date, or within 7 days after plan has started. NO REFUNDS will be issued outside of this timeframe NO EXCEPTIONS

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Fort Worth, TX, USA

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