This selenite stick is used to manifest your desires or assist in your goals. To help you in all areas in your life that you are having trouble with. It is a protection stone to help aid you from unwanted & negative energy. Use it to clean your aura as well. Please note that selenite can charge your other crystals, just by touching it for 15/20 min. It NEVER needs to be charged. DO NOT GET WET! This stone must stay dry. Please can list what you want it to help with in addition to the cleaning and protection that can be done regardless of your design.

Customized Selenite Stick

SKU: 00123

    Crystals are from the cleanest source possible. Charged by both Full & New Moon, as well as My Personal Energy! Blessed by Holy Water made by the Moon & Blessing Salt! As for the Selenite it is a self cleaning crsytal, that charges and cleans all other crystals. They are not charged since they are naturally charged.


    There is a no return policy since this item is a custom made product it cannot be re-sold. 


    Please allow three to four weeks for your product to be made & shipped out. Shipping cost will vary based on amount of items that can fit into shipping envelope and weight. 

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