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Banishing "Black" Salt

Banishing "Black" Salt

SKU: Black Salt

1oz Witches' salt, also known as "black salt" or "ritual salt," is a common tool in various spiritual and magical practices. Here are some ways it can be used:


  • Protection: Sprinkle a line of witches' salt across doorways and windowsills to create a protective barrier. It's believed to ward off negative energy and unwanted entities.

  • Cleansing: You can use witches' salt as part of a cleansing ritual. Sprinkle it around your sacred space or even on yourself to cleanse your aura.

  • Banishing: Witches' salt can be used to banish negative influences or energies. For example, you can sprinkle it in the corners of a room to drive away negative energy.

  • Absorbing Negativity: Some practitioners place a small dish of witches' salt in their home to absorb negative energy. You can periodically replace the salt to maintain its effectiveness.

  • Enhancing Spells: Witches' salt can be added to spellwork or rituals to increase their potency. It's often used in protection spells, banishing spells, or any working aimed at dispelling negativity.

  • Creating Sacred Circles: When setting up a sacred circle for ritual or meditation, you can use witches' salt to mark the boundary and protect the space.

  • Divination: Some use witches' salt as a tool in divination practices, such as scrying. It's believed to help connect with the spiritual realm.

  • Spiritual Cleansing Bath: Dissolve witches' salt in a bath for a spiritual cleansing experience. It's thought to help remove negative energy from your body and aura.

  • Empowering Talismans: You can use witches' salt to empower or cleanse talismans, crystals, or other magical tools.

  • Warding Off Unwanted Visitors: If you want to keep negative or unwanted people away, you can sprinkle witches' salt around your property or at your doorstep.


Remember that the specific way you use witches' salt can vary based on your personal beliefs and traditions. It's important to use it respectfully and with positive intentions.

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