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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

WOW that hit hard. Then bamm out of nowhere my Spirt Guide said "That is humanity's problem completely "

There is so much love in everyone, Yet they're too afraid to give it away. It's in that fear of giving away their love causes all the problems in every area of their life. They may or may not do the same things that were done to them. But they will react in certain ways because they have that fear deep down about whats happened. They can pretend it's not there all they want. They are not in charge of that area In which memories are stored. It is deep in the unconsciousness of their brain and in their soul. So when they act out or in defense they are acting out unconsciously.

People will start their spiritual journey and ignore any healing. They go straight for the goodies. They want to connect to spirit, become a reader, a medium, some even pretend to be leaders and teachers or whatever they want to invent. They want to astro travel. They wanna ascend to 5D. Open kundalini and all kinds of stuff. They want all these things because they look and appear So magical. Which they are very magical imagine. They are great and wonderful tools to open and share with the world. But only if you know how to use them correctly. Most importantly you've dealt with your demons, shadows whatever you want to call it. So that those fears doesn't creep up on you later and when you're helping. Exchanging energy is a real thing. Decrement is very key 🔑 here that you should've already developed at the beginning. But let's be honest how can you really use your Decrement if you are carrying around fear?

Will you conquer every single fear, no I doubt it, or at least not in this lifetime. That's ok, and that's the point, that is the human experience Be accountable for what you can conquer, not with what you can't

The only way to get rid of that fear is to deal with it come to terms with it deal with it, forgive it, and then let it go. Better to do in this life, so no regrets on your death bed. Not alone, because you will lie to yourself. Ego will get in the way, as he/she always does.

Take it one step at a time, as they say "One day at a time" Pay attention to your automatic responses that will always tell you what you need to heal and/or what you can celebrate from healing.

My wish for all to heal So they can be that best person they came here to be.

Be Blessed Beautiful Souls

The Unique Tonya Le


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03 sept 2022

I know I'm healing because I'm no longer an overly jealous person, the pain that used to never go away in my chest is gone, I can talk about traumatic events without it causing me to feel like I'm reliving it or giving me night terrors, I no longer feel like I need validation from others or need others to constantly praise me for me to feel better about myself, I have an overwhelming sense of wanting to find ways to help others who need to heal so that they can see that there is so much more to life than the bad things that happened to them & that they too can feel joy, love, pleasure, unconditional love &…

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