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Are you better than a fly?

This a great topic to discuss. I hear this concept talked about in alot in our community, & in my opinion this adds to division in any community. This is long so I know many will skim right by this. I promise if you read this it will add to your life.. I am going to let my #1 Spirit Guide explain why....

Yes there are flies & bees, & they both eat something different. And that is ok....

Instead of thinking as yourself above the person because you are awake & they are not, is wrong on so many levels.

When you use judgment you are proving you are not as awaken as you claim to be. Judgment is part of the ego. You may know a ton of information but you are not spirituality aware or connected to higher level energies such as me & other Spirits Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ancestors, or God because when you sit in the energy of love you will not react in a way of judgment. That higher level energy is LOVE and only LOVE.

You may ask how am I going to be safe, I have to use judgment to decide things for myself. That is where the misunderstanding is. You see, you do not need to use judgment for anything. Judgment is from ego & is a man made concept given to them from lower level energies, such as fallen angels, designed to keep mankind divided. It really is a smart manipulation, I must say & your kind have played into from beginning of time. Us higher energies cannot step in & save you from this, you have to do the work on your own. All we can do is give you hints. Most of which are never acknowledged, so some of will stop. If you cannot connect to us, you are one of those people. Once you do the work and we see you are serious & not trying to use & abuse us we will connect. Many many use & abuse us in the name of spirituality. They know they are using us, we stand in love anyways, because we are LOVE.. Some are confused because they are connected, it just isn't to us. Let me continue.

It is not judgment that is needed. God created you with a wonderful tool to help you with assessing situations. It is called discernment. You have this Inter Compass for a reason. This is what will help you with those assessments. Because you are then connected to higher level energies, like us to help guide you. This why on your planet so much has been done to keep you all asleep & to calcify your pineal glan. Once you can acknowledge this you can start to make change. It must start within, before moving onto something new.

Unfortunately some of your behaviors are habitual without you knowing it or acknowledging it. So knowing all the details, drinking water, eating the right foods, yoga knowing information, being religious, going or not going to church, you name it doesn't mean nothing, nothing at all! Sure it helps you, don't get me wrong but those things are to help maintain the connection, so if you don't have it, or you are connecting with lower level energies. That other stuff means nothing.

Connection comes from your inner actions that you either express, or keep inside, doesn't matter the result is the same. If you say I am no judgemental, but in your mind you are, then you are! Behavior & thoughts always gives the same result. I could go on and on, so I will stop here for now.

What does all this mean to you? That it isn't important what the fly eats. That is their journey. Some are not ready and you must respect someone else's path. If you think you are a bee really want to help people, then you are to BEE an example of what in which you talk. You walk the walk. Not just on the outside where everyone can see, so you can put on a show. You must display that on the inside. This is how you humans can bring about change. Being in that lower level energy you will keep attracting people like you that sit in that judgment. Then you both are going in circles, like Moses not getting anywhere. You will eventually get frustrated & get mad because nobody is listening to you and all the knowledge. To be truthful it is a good thing that they not listening, because your connection is with lower level energies, so you are not delivering the right message from us. You have been fooled by the lower level once again, & you will think you are channeling higher level. You are the one that cannot see, because if you did you WOULD KNOW that everything you do & think are a reflection of your true spirituality. If you truly know this, then you would be working on yourself, your shadow, as well as incorporating all those things into your life. You cannot be getting drunk & doing street drugs & then expect to roll with higher energy such as ourselves. It just doesn't work like that.

Higher energy is Love & that is all. So all of your actions should be "What would Love do?" When you are in a situation where you need to assess something do it within your discernment instead. That way you won't get tricked. Not every situation will work out perfectly for you, you are still learning, & that is ok as you keep using your discernment & learn something from it.

Don't be like everyone else judging people. Don't listen too, follow or participate in those messages. It will be you that will have to explain yourself to your higher power, not them. Just listen to uplifting people, TV, music that inspires you to do your best. Not anything that uses fear or "I am above you mentality ". If you do not change this & stop using judgment/ego, you will notice the way you were meant to live only to come back time after time doing the same thing. You will be part of the problem of this planet instead of the solution. Be the example before you teach, read or whatever you choose to do. Make sure you have your ego/judgment in control, then you can help others. Then you will be doing something positive for the planet.

Message from my Highest Spirit Guide

Child Lord

Be Blessed

The Unique Tonya Le ❤🙏🌻

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